Anaïs & Thibaud

Our brand was born out of a single pendant necklace one day when we were playing with stones. What we love is that the stones decide which piece they’ll become, a stud or a bracelet or a pendant.

Everything is handmade in Anais’s atelier (where we met!) in Paris and each stone is carefully selected. They’re sourced ethically in Zimbabwe and excavated by local miners who preserve the landscape by avoiding deep excavation. Anais uses the wax technique to mold the 18ct gold and she includes symbols on each piece like the wind or the sun, sort of like a personal talisman. And each stone has a healing power (hence the name) so look and also feel good.
Our jewellery is easy to wear yet unusual. They stand alone but you can stack them together as well. There is a timeless and personal quality to them, buying a piece of fine jewellery is a different emotion than buying regular accessories.

Fancy tailoring one of our design to fit your taste, needs or desires?

We offer with no additional costs a bespoke experience. Choose a design, let us know about colors, stones you like or let us make a selection for you.

Please note that our stones stock might vary on a regular basis.

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